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Show Off Your Talents And Exhibit At The Fair!

4-h Award
4-H Awards

Open Class is for everyone! Need not be a Cass County resident to enter. Ribbons & cash premiums awarded to top two places in every lot. Pre-register by June 22 & pay half price! Prizes awarded by the following age categories: • Child (8 and under) • Pre Teen (9-12) • Teen (13-17) • Adult (18+)

Chair: Rhonda Adkins at 218-839-9480

Competition and exploration have always played a part in the Cass County Fair. Take a crack at baking a pie, needlework, creating a wood-working piece, raising vegetables, creating a fine arts project and more. Anyone of any age may bring in their exhibits or projects for display and judging. Pre-register your projects and receive 50% off the cost and only pay 50 cents for indoor projects and $1.00 for livestock entries. Bring your entries into the fair office Tuesday, June 26 from 5-7pm or Wednesday, June 27 from 1-4; along with your registration (if you haven't pre-registered). Full-price registration will be $1 for indoor project and $2. per entry for livestock. All winners in each division and class will receive a premium award and a ribbon as noted in the complete fair project description and premium listing.

Download a fair registration form here and return to: Cass County Ag. Assn., PO Box 428, Pine River, MN 56474 prior to June 25.



Registration will take place on Tuesday 5-7pm (for non-perishable items) and Wednesday 1-6 p.m. or mail it in advance to Cass County Ag. Association
P.O. Box 428 Pine River, MN 56474

  • Check out the listings of entries in animals, agriculture, floral, culinary, needlework, and arts & crafts. Match your items to the appropriate division, class & lot.
  • Registration workers will enter your information, make & attach entry tags to your items, group items on the judging shelves, and take your small entry fee ($1 per item and $2 per animal).
  • Judges will judge all items Thursday morning, and Open Class workers will record placements, attach ribbons, and nicely display all entries for public viewing.
  • Your entries are released at 6pm Sunday, and you may pick up your items, ribbons & premium check at that time if available. All items must remain in place until 6pm Sunday, July 2.
  • Early removal will forfeit premiums.

Exhibit Superintendents:

  • Horse - Deb Ryan: 218-820-1433
  • Cattle & Swine - Dalton Delong: 218-838-4434
  • Sheep & Goats - Patrick Foster: 218-820-6001
  • Poultry & Rabbits - Austin McAlisterl: 218-232-3201
  • General Exhibits - Rhonda Adkinsr:218-839-9480

Rules and Regulations


  1. The Cass County Agricultural Fair Association management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, otherwise arising out of, connected with or incident to the fair.
  2. The management reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as it in its judgment may deem advisable.
  3. Any person who violates any of the following or special rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums and be subject to such penalty as the governing board may order.
    1. Livestock entry fees are found under divisions .
    2. Second premiums only will be paid where there is competition.
  4. Entries of cattle, swine and sheep must be listed with the secretary no later than Thursday. All other exhibits should be entered by Wednesday.
  5. Entries will be accepted from Cass County and neighboring counties, except 4-H Club and school exhibits, providing these same counties reciprocate in admitting Cass County exhibitors to the fair.
  6. Entries for premiums in the individual lots of grain, field seed, fruits, or forage shall not be permitted to appear as parts of collections.
  7. No article to be removed from fair grounds until 6:00 p.m. last day of fair or premiums will be surrendered.
  8. All articles brought in for exhibition must be the property of the exhibitor and , except livestock, must be made, manufactured or raised during the past 12 months by the exhibitor.
  9. Livestock must be the actual property of the exhibitor. The age of the animals will be their actual age. A certificate of registration will be required from parties entering purebred or bull blood stock.
  10. Purebred animals under 1 year of age will not be required to show certificate of registry but the exhibitor of such animal shall be required to give a certified statement that both sire and dam of such animals are properly registered purebreds.
  11. All money prizes will be paid by check of the association and mailed to the exhibitor as soon as possible after the close of the fair. Checks must be cashed within 30 days after they are received by exhibitors.
  12. The fair management will use diligence to ensure the safety of livestock or articles entered for exhibition, after their arrival and placement, but under no circumstances will it be responsible for any loss, injury, or damage done or occasioned by or arising from, any animal or article of exhibition, and the exhibitor shall indemnify the fair and management thereof, against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.
  13. No person will be permitted to tack or post any advertising material, cards, poster, flyers, etc., or to sell or give subscription for magazines and papers, except within their place of business.
  14. Any interference by exhibitors to influence or dictate the decision of the judges will be sufficient cause to exclude his or her entry from competition, and should be reported to the secretary, through the superintendent of the division.
  15. The Fair Board reserves the right to premium listing.
  16. No prizes will be paid on exhibits not in the premium listing.
  17. License to solicit orders for and deliver articles of food, tobacco, soft drinks, or other articles of merchandise; to restaurants, refreshment stands, or exhibits upon the fair grounds must be obtained from the secretary.
  18. Exhibitor's must keep their stock, stalls and pens in good and neat condition, and open for inspections from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  19. Exhibitors of livestock must inform themselves when their stock will be judged. Stock must be in the show ring promptly after being called and any exhibitor failing to comply with this order will be ruled out of competition.
  20. Sires, dams and groups entered as such must be owned by the individual or firms exhibiting them, but the progeny of animals may be shown simply as proof of their breeding qualities with-out such ownership.
  21. All exhibitors of bulls, one year or over must lead such animals with a suitable staff attached to a nose ring.
  22. 4-H or FFA members may not show their respective animals in the Open Class Livestock show as each animal may only be shown once at the fair in one division.

Livestock and Poultry must meet the State Rules for Minnesota Exhibition found in more detail at the MN board of Animal Health, but include but not limited to:

CATTLE IDENTIFICATION - Important information: 
Cattle exhibited in Minnesota must be identified with USDA approved ID tags. For more information, please see the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

HOLDOVER SWINE - Important information: 
In order to minimize risk to swine and humans for influenza virus transmission, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health requires all hogs to be tested and clear. All fair visitors are encouraged to wash hands after visiting the barns at the outside hand sanitizer sation.

Download a complete project guide and registration information in the premium listing.

Download a registration form for open class exhibiting